QQL: Analogs Metaverse,  presented by AOI & Pace Verso

Tyler Hobbs' first metaverse show

Embark on a unique metaverse journey to experience the paintings featured in QQL: Analogs, Tyler Hobbs’ concurrent exhibition at Pace Gallery, as well as QQLs by a range of parametric artists.


QQL: Analogs Metaverse Exhibition

This exhibition signifies the first incredible opportunity for AOI to showcase what technology can bring to the arts.

Emerging from the QQL generative art project of leading artist Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist, the viewer will be captivated by the blend of digital and physical art through three unique bodies of work in a striking architectural design.

Immersive Architecture

The architectural design of the QQL: Analogs Metaverse exhibition, created by Sébastien Baert from Monde Singulier, seamlessly blends with the art, creating a harmonious experience for visitors, by taking them on a journey through a world of creativity and innovation.

The careful and deliberate use of lighting further accentuates the beauty and uniqueness of each piece, by bringing out the depth and detail of every work of art. Additionally, the light allows for high-resolution images of the paintings to be appreciated in each detail, regardless of their location in the metaverse.

The integration of these high-quality images with the immersive architecture and lighting creates a seamless and fully realized experience for visitors, highlighting the endless possibilities that emerge when the digital and physical worlds collide.

"Every corner of the exhibition holds surprises and delights."

AOI Founder

Artistic Showcases at QQL: Analogs Metaverse

On the ground floor and mezzanine, visitors will be enchanted by Tyler Hobbs' QQL: Analogs exhibition showcasing the same paintings on view at Pace Gallery in New York. The second floor will feature a remarkable showcase of QQL outputs by six parametric artists, both established and emerging. The three artists from Pace's roster, Loie Hollowell, Tara Donovan, and DRIFT, will showcase their outstanding work alongside the artistic voices of Web3, Claire Silver, William Mapan, and Grant Yun.

These artists' NFTs will be available for auction online by Pace, and visitors can access links to participate in the auction on each artwork plaque. The basement level of the gallery will soon feature QQL seeds created and curated by the QQL community, further highlighting the collaborative and inclusive nature of this project.

Up close and real

Tyler Hobbs' Paintings and QQL Algorithm

Hobbs’ paintings are a result of his own experimentations with the QQL NFT algorithm, and the unique works on view showcase a wide spectrum of visual effects, forms, and moods, from minimal to maximal and contemplative to exuberant. Using a combination of traditional painting techniques and robotic tools, Hobbs has created an unparalleled series of paintings that are both chaotic and ordered. The artist feeds code through a plotter to forge his compositions, and then refines the details by hand directly on the canvases. His resulting works contain enactments of both chaos and order, foregrounding the vast possibilities of systematic approaches to art making.

Through QQL, Hobbs has invited collectors to become co-creators of generative NFTs in an innovative and collaborative process. The QQL website, launched in September 2022, serves as a space for intuitive play where visitors can experiment with generating NFTs through Hobbs’ algorithm, using bespoke tools that encourage interplay between elements of control and chance. Density, flow, and scale are among the mutable attributes that can be manipulated to explore a huge range of formal possibilities generated by the algorithm. This makes anyone who engages with this tool a parametric artist, creating a unique and collaborative experience for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Come explore the endless possibilities of QQL at our exhibition today.

The producers

About AOI

‘Art On Internet’ is a movement for emerging art and technology. We are a creative force that inspires innovation and imagination at the intersection of art, technology, and culture. Through curated storytelling and award-winning experiences, we showcase exceptional artists and collaborate with world-class brands to create cutting-edge cultural destinations. Our creative lab pushes the boundaries of what's possible through research and development, and our innovation fund fuels the next generation of groundbreaking work.

About Pace Verso

Pace Verso is Pace Gallery’s hub for web3 projects, launched in 2021 under the leadership of Pace President and CEO Marc Glimcher. Pace Verso works closely with artists within and beyond the gallery’s program to incubate, develop, and realize their web3 projects, operating an NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain at www.pacegallery.com/pace-verso. In addition to releasing independent projects, Pace Verso frequently collaborates with leading web3 platforms to share artists’ work with wide audiences.

In 2022, Pace Verso established a multifaceted partnership with Art Blocks, the leading generative art platform, encompassing boundary-pushing generative NFT releases by Pace’s artists as well as crypto-native artists, exhibitions, and community programming. Pace Verso—which reflects the gallery’s longtime and ongoing support of innovative artists who have cultivated advanced studio practices engaged with boundary-pushing technologies—has presented NFT projects by Jeff Koons, Loie Hollowell, Tara Donovan, John Gerrard, Robert Whitman, DRIFT, Lucas Samaras, and other artists.

Pace Verso has also grown a robust following on its dedicated Discord server, directly engaging web3 communities through discussions with artists and leaders in the crypto space.

About Monde Singulier

Sébastien Baert, as the lead architect of the Monde Singulier team, had the honor of designing the metaverse museum architecture for the QQL: Analogs exhibition. Drawing inspiration from the limitless potential of the digital realm, he crafted a space that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with the timeless beauty of art. From the dynamic lighting design that enhances the visual impact of each piece to the fluidity of the virtual galleries that elevate the immersive experience, every aspect of the museum was crafted with purpose and precision. The result is a museum that not only showcases the incredible works of Tyler Hobbs and his fellow generative artists but also celebrates the boundless creativity and innovation of the metaverse itself.


The QQL: Analogs virtual art exhibition space was technically realized by Philippe van Nedervelde’s multi-award-winning XR studio E-SPACES, the same VR software development house that is building the ECOVERSE metaverse. The WebXR-based alpha version of Ecoverse’s metaverse engine is used for all the multi-user features and interactive 3D graphics of the space. Initially accessible with any browser on PCs and mobile devices, the virtual space will also become accessible on the most popular VR headsets including the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Ecoverse aims to empower millions to earn a real living in a virtual world in ways that significantly contribute to the mitigation of the climate crisis by actively assisting with the decarbonization of Earth’s atmosphere.