Art on Internet

AOI is a movement for emerging art and technology. Our mission is to elevate digital art and make NFTs accessible to a global audience through a non fungible collection, metaverse exhibitions, television documentary series as well as a diverse schedule of 1/1 events. We collaborate with artists and brands to help create innovative projects that shape the future of Web 3.

AOI is a movement for emerging art and technology celebrating artists on the internet.

Digital art unlocks the potential of creativity, connecting billions of artists around the world. 

The AOI collection is a select group of multi-dimensional artworks represented by non-fungible tokens. This collection presents the ongoing history of art on the internet, with chosen works representing a connection between the analog and the pixelated promises of the metaverse. Created by multiple artists across a range of mediums, each piece connects the immaterial nature of its works to their immutable role in the future of art online.

Our vision to elevate digital art in the metaverse. The AOI Museum is a collaboration with Tendril and CYPHER to create the most high-fidelity immersive gallery experience possible for experiencing NFTs. The AOI museum consists of a select group of multi-dimensional artworks that represents the past, present and future of art on the internet. Built in Unreal Engine, rendered in real-time, available to all browsers.

A self-portrait ten months in the making, Night Vision Series is a meditation of hundreds of hours of nose to paper. Using ink and white-out to generate hallucinatory vistas, Jake Fried repeatedly modifies and records his images to create mind-bending animations. 1,440 1/1 pieces.

Discover the world of Tyler Hobbs in his home town of Austin, Texas. Learn about what motivates and inspires him to create his generative artwork inspired by the natural world around us.